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A sudden Spur

So I just decided on posting my Short term projects that I really want to do. It's not a need, just wants.

So here is a check list of the project that I want to do:

A. Fix my guitar.

- So far all I have is the Glue to stick the bridge back to the main body. Got a new set of strings and the new Bridge and the other end of that set up. All I need are:

1. Sand Paper - for cleaning of the surface
2. Some Nuts and Bolts to hold the Bridge down once   the glue is placed.

B. Renovate the PC area.

- As of the moment all I have is the drawn lay out of the design of the place. We are planning to remove everything that is currently in the area and just make one huge table suitable for two peeps. There is still the issue about the ventilation, but I guess we will just stick with the electric propeller fan that we all love. Lighting has not yet being discussed because it is hard to figure it out if the lay out is not there yet.

C. Save for the reBuild of our Personal Computer.

- This is because th…
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Monday, April 13, 2015 at 2:25 AM.

Can't sleep. I am hoping I could catch my Babe for a Skype Call when she gets to have her lunch break.

While waiting, I figured I should watch some videos and stuff.

Then, I bumped into this:

"25 quotes from buddha that will change your life"

One of the quotes hit me.

“Whatever words we utter should be chosen with care for people will hear them and be influenced by them for good or ill.”

There were other quotes that were mention in the site that would talk about how you should be kind to people not only by gesture, but also by the words you speak.

I feel bad about this because me and my girl friend, Mitch, had an argument over the phone. And I have said hurtful words to her that I wish I did not utter.

How ashamed am I to my self. I feel so bad that I do not know what to think.

Another quote say's:

“It is easy to see the faults of others, but difficult to see once own faults. One shows the faults of others like chaff winnowed in the…

"Ever Had That Sleepless Night, Just 'Cause You Basically Can't Sleep At All?"

November 8, 2014 11:47 PM...

Can't sleep...

For some reason there is a lot of USELESS things that's going in and out of my head. Ever had that moment where you are, sort of, Day Dreaming... Although its night time... And you should have been snoring your self to sleep... Yeah... I am having that Night Time Day Dreaming-ish...

The internet is not helping either. I have finished reading all the updates in Manga websites for the week (prior this night). I have nothing to watch and can't watch anything in YouTube ('cause I have watched them all). I was imagining my self as a cook, preparing mouth watering dishes ( I end up eating biscuits, and only biscuits ). I have flash memories of trailers and movies in the horror department ( I don't know why). Damn it, I just can't sleep.

While my girl is snoring away, I am all awake doing non sense. Well... Facebook and stuff...
But then, I suddenly remembered my Blog Site. Oh My God! I have a Blog Site, that I have forgotte…

What NOW..?

(This is just a run down of the things, or partly, that has been running in my head. I am warning you to stop and not read it since the following are just "Thoughts". But if you do want to read through, please do the same thing. Post a Blog, or tweet, or status up in Facebook, you can even criticize my grammar and stuff [hehe], let me, them, us know how you have felt and thought relating to the things that had happened to our poor, but once glorious Country.)
For the pass few days I have been in and out of the internet, I have seen and read things that would make one think "What now?"
Day after the killer typhoon, I was with in the safe premises of our home thinking "Is that all Yolanda? Was that your best shot?", not realizing that we were not the only ones that got hit. I was even complaining about the things that we did just to protect us from any possible harm prior.
I decided that it was time for me to do some vo…

" What If? "

And yet again, after numerous months of being off the Blog Spot site, I am back. It has been a while probably because I have nothing to bitch around any more. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I am feeling contented and happy these pass few months (and don't as why hehe).

So, a little recap: Last time I was here, I showed you guys a video of me and my bro playing 'I'll be here in a while by 311'. And YES, I did promise you guys for another video but that would be for later hence I don't have the right equipment (ever since). So I'll be posting videos if I have the right equipment so that I could give you guys a very wonderful, High definition, good quality Videos.

Another recap, I now have another job which I hope I could really last long with. I don't want to reveal it since it is not really that Big of a company and it is not popular to you guys. And besides, what happened to confidentiality? Seriously though, it's for their security so that is that.

This ti…

'A New Beginning'

Right now I am in a process of grieving. It's not easy working your ass up for seven to eight months or so just to win a girl and she ended up to some one else in one day (Ain't that a B*tch). I even Deleted my Facebook account just so I could not see any traces of that certain person in my Time Line. My friend told me that it was a stupid decision. But, I thought 'I don't have any other choice ' cause I will be tempt to look at her profile and then I'll just hurt my self if I saw something that I don't want to see.

Any ways...

My Goal right now is to just move on and get over with it as soon as possible. It really gives me a hard time doing things out. I just got hired to a certain BPO company here in Cebu (For the fifth time). Thing is I was hoping I could start working immediately so that I could keep my self busy, but, the problem is my start date was moved from this coming Monday to the 21rst of this month. So I have almost two weeks to find any other …

"I Am Back!"

Greetings to you all! At last I have returned from reality and back to my own comfort zone where I can B*tch around (kidding). Seriously, these pass few months since my last post, I have done a lot of things. One of them is I quitting my job from the BPO industry. I don't wan't to go with the details, it sucks trust me. Also these past few weeks I have realize that I was not really able to actually do my role here as a blogger. I should not be b*tching around because of the pains and misfortunes in life that I have experienced, which is actually the outcome of my own mistakes. But, I should share to you guys the good stuffs, right? (^^,)

So first of, yes, I quit my job! But it is for a good purpose. One is that I want to preserve my health and avoid getting sick. We don't have the right to get sick now a days. So I stopped and quit my job as a call center agent and stayed wide awake the whole night every night five days a week. Which actually kills someone. Not to mention …